Clash Royale Hack – Available today

Clash Royale is one of the most liked strategy game on the android store. To excel in this game, we have created a very helpful Clash Royale hack and some tips for beginners who are looking to win in their initial battles. Clash Royale is actually stealing some glory by featuring in many similar troops, gold, elixir and other elements in this top down real time strategy game which also incorporates card collection which is also a popular genre.

Clash Royale is actually more fun and addictive then Clash of Clan as its much better, polished and well-designed game. Once you get familiar with the layout of the game and learn to manage resources carefully there is nothing that you will enjoy better. Here are some of the strategies that you can follow to conquer this game.

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Use the Clash Royale hack

If you have problems or if you just want more fun out of the game you can use this hack to get a lot of gold and gems. Here’s a reliable source for a working Clash royale hack:

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Spend Gold Wisely

Gold is one of the most important resource in Clah Royale and using it wisely is the number one clash royale cheats. It is not farmed like in Clash of Clan but is won after winning battles. Gold can also be collected by daily chests which players get after every few hours. The more number of battles you win; more number of chests can be unlocked. Some of the check take three hours to unlock, some take eight while there are few which might even take 12. It’s always a good idea to start this chest before going to bed, it’s a long wait but can be completely worth it.

In Clash Royale, users can also upgrade troops by getting more and more number of similar characters. To win wars, it’s very important to update them but it’s also very essential to understand which ones to update and which ones not to. Clash Royale is one game in which gold is available in limited quantity which is why it’s very important to use it wisely. Upgrade only those troops which you plan to use and save as much of gold as you can for important upgrades later. Another important clash royale cheats is do not just upgrade everything just because you have got cards. Because, in initial phase of the game there are many troops which are just not worth the upgradation. Troops like bombers are just too weak.

Variety of Battle Deck

The most important thing for a beginner is setting up the battle deck. There are three alternatives user can assemble and have in their hands to fight with. Every troop will have a particular elixir cost. It’s always a smart move to not have many 5’s and also not have all the 2’s and 3’s as they will just delay the game, and cost you’re a lot more. They can also get very quickly overrun and outmatches. Instead mixing up the deck with both low as well as high level troops can be very beneficial.

Use Skeleton Attack

There are many different skeleton troops available in the game. Almost everything but the giant skeleton is very weak, susceptible and die very quickly. Having said that skeletons can also be of great distraction to deploy just before dropping a big tank for heavy damage. Using Skeleton attacks effective is one of the most effective clash royale cheats.